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Non Immigrant Visa, How Do I Obtain One?

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Non Immigrant Visa, How Do I Obtain One? A non-immigrant visa is needed before you start the application process it is my advice that you obtain your non-immigrant visa before you enter Thailand from an embassy or a Thai consulate in your home country.

If you go to the website address www.thaiembassy.org/ you will find details on all Thailand embassies and consulates in your home country including how to apply & shows the visa fee, most countries allow you to apply via the postal service but not all.

If you are already staying in Thailand & meet the criteria but do-not have the non-immigrant visa in your passport at key visa co ltd we do guaranteed trips to a Thai consulate to obtain a non-immigrant visa ready to start your retirement visa application.

There are two options of a non-immigrant visa which are category O or B the non-immigrant O is a tourist visa & offered in a single entry or a multiple entry form. The non-immigrant B visa is classed as a business visa & is also offered in single or multiple entry form.

My advice is if you are coming to Thailand for long stay & wish to apply for the retirement visa when you arrive it is more cost effective to obtain the single entry non-immigrant visa which will give you a stay of 90 days when you enter Thailand & will give you time to prepare your documents ready for the retirement visa application. Please note - you must apply for the retirement visa approx 3 weeks before the finish date of your 90 day stamp if you let the visa expire you cannot apply for the retirement visa until you obtain another non-immigrant visa.

At key visa co we advise all our clients to prepare there application as early as they can when they enter Thailand .There is no benefit of applying towards the end of your non-immigrant visa because when the retirement visa is awarded the visa start date is one year from the end of your non-immigrant visa.

What If I Cannont Get A Non-Immigrant Before I Come To Thailand?

What if I cannot get a Non-Immigrant visa before I come to Thailand? If you have not got the facility or time to obtain a retirement visa in your own country before entering Thailand we at Key visa co can help you convert the tourist visa (30days on arrival) to a non-immigrant visa for retirement visa purposes only but please note you must have the financial criteria set out below in the flowchart before we can convert the visa.


If you leave Thailand without your re-entry permit when you re-enter Thailand your non immigrant O visa will be cancelled & you will receive a walk in 30 day