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What is a Retirement Visa?

What us a retirement visa? This visa is commonly known as a retirement visa due to the applicant having to be 50 years of age or above.

A retirement visa is actually an extension of an original non-immigrant visa O or B type visa either a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa.

The retirement visa allows you to reside in the kingdom of Thailand for a period of one year starting from the date you entered Thailand on your non-immigrant visa so if you are wishing to reside in Thailand for retirement purposes or long stay this visa is perfect for you.

The process of applying for a retirement visa starts with you obtaining a non-immigrant visa from a Thailand embassy or consulate outside of Thailand preferably from your home country.

When I Have A Retirement Visa What Do I Need To Do?

When I Have a retirement visa, what do I need to do?

  • You have to report to your nearest immigration department ( in Pattaya it is located in Jomtien Soi 5 ) every 90 days and fill in a TM47 form advising the immigration officials where you are residing this is for your benefit & safety.
  • The Immigration official will then tear off the bottom of the TM47 form & staple it into your passport this will have a stamped date on it advising you when you should report for your next 90 days .when you receive your first retirement visa you will have already a TM47 slip in your passport with a 90 day report date .
  • If you have to leave Thailand for any reason (e.g. holiday) you must inform your local Immigration department where you will be asked to fill in a TM8 re-entry permit form. The TM8 re-entry form is found in two formats which are the single re-entry permit & the multiple-entry, the single re-entry permit allows you to leave Thailand & re-enter the kingdom leaving your one year visa still valid but is only valid for ONE single trip, the multiple re-entry permit also allows you to leave Thailand & re-enter but is valid for multiple trips also keeping your one year visa valid.

Please note - there is a fee for the re-entry permit.

Renew your retirement visa

If you wish to renew your retirement visa you must do so before the expiry date on your visa stamp in your passport (approx 2 weeks). Remember when you re-apply for your visa you have to show the same criteria as stated in your first original application (e.g. financial status ) treat it as a new application.

This information is offered as a guideline to help understand the criteria required for a retirement visa application for you & your foreign spouse in the kingdom of Thailand. If visa types are awarded it is at the discretion of the Thailand immigration authorities. Enquiries please e-mail keyvisa2@gmail.com


If you leave Thailand without your re-entry permit when you re-enter Thailand your retirement visa will be cancelled & you will receive a walk in 30 day